Welcome to the Brumfield Web Site



Welcome to the Brumfield Web site!

This site is a good area to let the family know about the past, present and futures happenings. You will be able to copy and print pictures for personal use. Pictures should not be used of commercial purposes without the express permission of the individual in the picture or the closest living relative should the individual be deceased.

Please submit family history questions and information to Katie Brumfield Hartly, (hartleys4@verizon.net). She is the keeper of the family history. Pictures can be submit to Rickey Paul Brumfield (rick.brumfield@tellcity-cannelton.com). Please include as much information as you can with each picture submitted. Please use the Feed Back Page as much as possible. Feed back will go to both Katie and Rick.

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Look at the new online photo album filled with pictures of our family.

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